About Us

About Us

Over 10 Years of Experience. We’ll Ensure You Always Get the Best Possible Results

Why Choose Us

Efficiency Powerup 247

Gurantee your lab setup in the right and fast track towards lab effectiveness and efficiency.

Skilled Setup Team

Our qualified Lab setup team are well equipped with the right tools paying keen attention to the smallest details to ensure your laboratory is the perfect fit for you.

Customized Dedicated Support

Our one source laboratory set up team offers consulting services to provide everything you need for your lab. We help you select equipment that is good fit for your lab and maintain the overall performance of your lab in the long run.

Grant Matching Proposal

We have the right expertise to set up your laboratory in a cost effective manner, maximising your grant funding for your research. We give you the specific laboratory needed to fit your needs whether it is a molecular laboratory, anatomy laboratory or cancer research laboratory.

Global Expereince from a Global Brand

From your initial phone call or inquiry placed through our website, you will notice the Avomeen difference.

Through collaborations with top manufacturers in the world, we make lab materials and equipment available worldwide. With over 500,000 products and still counting, we are dedicated to excellent service delivery, training and consultation for medical, scientific, and oil and gas industries.

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